Friday On Elm Street

The resolution to my impatience had been resolved Black Friday of 2017, when artist Fabolous and Jadakiss finally released the highly anticipated ‘Friday on Elm Street’ album. This Freddy vs Jason themed album was in talks of being created about 2 years ago, and never released. Fabolous teased us fans with a trailer to the... Continue Reading →


Police Brutality makes it’s way to the NFL

In late August, shortly after the highly anticipated Mayweather vs. McGregor boxing match, Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett found himself staring down the barrel of a gun while his life was being threatened by Las Vegas Metropolitan police officers. Bennett recently released a letter explaining what led to this unfortunate, but very common event.... Continue Reading →

Kneeling for Inequality

As the NFL season is vastly approaching former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick remains a free agent. There are many players that are available on the market due to free agency, but Kaepernick being unsigned isn't because of lack of performance or the inability to play, it's because he protested against police brutality and... Continue Reading →

Wale releases new album “SHINE”

D.C.'s own and Double M genius Wale decided to surprise his fans by dropping his 5th studio album "SHINE" (Still Here Ignoring Negative Energy) a week earlier than its original release date. Wale's last studio album released was 'The album about nothing' which was 2 years ago, and was followed up with a mixtape "Summer... Continue Reading →

Lil Wayne confirms Roc Nation

It looks like Shawn Carter has added another Carter to his Roc Nation roster. New Orleans native Lil' Wayne, shared some breaking news with some of his fans at a recent show in Pennsylvania announcing he is the newest member of the Roc Nation family.  “Is it cool if I just say it? It’s the... Continue Reading →

2017 XXL Freshman

This is the time of year XXL magazine lets their fans vote for up and coming artist to be featured on the XXL cover, and join the 2017 XXL freshman class. However, there are artist who have had their own buzz and exposure for quite sometime before they are given the opportunity to be chosen... Continue Reading →

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