The L.O.X Rips Toads Place while on the ‘Filthy America… It’s Beautiful’ Tour

Might mighty D-Block, The LOX made its way to New Haven, Connecticut to bless the stage with straight heat. The best 3 man group in existence performed all classics from ’24 hours to live’ to some of their newest work like ‘The Family‘.

Growing up The LOX were like super heroes to me, yeah Spider-Man and Batman were cool but Styles P, Sheek Louch, and Jadakiss are the ones I connected with more on a personal level. C’mon super heroes? Isn’t that too far-fetched? No not really. They had villains just like any other super heroes did, and went to war against them like Diddy, G-unit, 50 cent, and Beanie Sigel, but there is no kryptonite to contain The LOX. Never holding back their lyrical tongue to no one, is one of the reasons these 3 have been so respected for so many years. This is a group that represents the humble, the struggle, respect, and mostly important Loyalty. If one rapper came at any member of the LOX, I can guarantee you all 3 is coming with straight bars ready for a lyrical spar, and they will destroy any artist with the most hard-hitting disrespectful bars you will hear.

Their loyalty speaks volumes, which is demonstrated through their actions and music, not to mention the fact that there has never been any rumors, speculations, or turmoil regarding the group.

Whether it’s straight gangsta music for the streets or making a statement by taking a political stand, this group is over 20 years strong in the game and has found a way to stay relevant even through today’s new sound in music. Name any rapper or group who rapped with Biggie and is still relevant today with a solid body of work, you can’t. 

Yo, honestly I can write for days when it comes to The LOX, so I’m going to follow-up soon with another blog paying homage to these legends, but until then here is a video below to rock with. Enjoy!


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