The New “Hip-Hop”

Everything in life eventually evolves over time and we are living in a new generation of hip-hop. A Hip-Hop generation that is different from the clothes, to the hair, the sound, and most importantly the music that is being released has changed. I might ruffle some feathers, but today’s music is wack, trash, and in Spanish they call it basura. When I listen to rap now a days I feel like a disgruntled grumpy old man, you know how your parents used to always criticize your choice of music, and how they expressed their displeasure for it? Yes that’s me today in 2017. I feel like I belong in a rocking chair telling past time stories like “back in my day the rappers rapped about something” but, there is no back in my day since I was born in 1993 I should be a fan of this generation of hip hop, but I refuse to put on a facade like I am.

Growing up in the 90’s I might not have fully understood what Capone-N-Norega was talking about with Bloody Money , or what Nas meant when he gave us a preview of what life would be like in, If I Ruled the World but these lyrics still resonate to this day. Kids and young adults these days don’t care about how Ice Cube messed around and got a triple double they just want to hear panda, panda, panda, panda. Although New York is the Mecca of Rap, you had rappers from every region and coast actually rapping with a purpose.

The video below is a cypher that features Ace Hood, Fabolous, Juelz Santana, and Jadakiss. Although this cypher wasn’t made in the 90’s Fab, Santana, and Jada are all from that era who embraced lyricism, witty punchlines, and can just simply rap. Check it out!

Today’s rap is very trendy, meaning if you don’t know any of these artist you would almost think one artist is taking over the radio for the simple fact they all sound a like. The use of nursery/ elementary school lyrics and lack of substance is the new wave. It’s all about a catchy hook mixed with subpar verses and mediocre bars, actually as a matter of fact if you can even decipher what is being said you have a gift. Possibly a career as a translator, maybe. There’s a lot of people who love this new sound and music, and there is nothing wrong with it to each is own enjoy it; because one mans trash is another man treasure. Compare this video below to the video you have previously watched above.

There’s a huge difference between the two cyphers, today’s rap just lacks creativity and content. There’s no “it” factor between these rappers, there’s no competition as far as I want to be known as the best rapper or I want to have the best verse here.

Who is the leader of the mumble rap? I have no idea who started this trend and sound was it Future? I’m not sure. Today’s top hit makers that the consumers are constantly gravitating towards is Future, Migos, Young Thug, Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, and others (but I don’t know their names because I thought they were all the same person). Their music is the main attraction in the clubs, people go bonkers when their records are played, and I’m just in the back patiently waiting for All About the Benjamin’s to drop. Their music sells and that’s what is important, these artist are smart as long as they keep their same formula of creating a song it’s going to sell, and I don’t blame them why switch it up? It’s still wack though.

In the 90’s era of rap, artist rapped and told stories on how they sold drugs to make a living and provide for themselves and their family. However in today’s rap it seems like fans and artist embrace the user. When rappers make songs and say certain things in their music they influence the ears of the listeners whether they believe it or not. So when you make records about drinking lean, popping molly, and Percocet’s what do you think this young generation is eager to do? Pop a molly. Future who has projects Dirty Sprite, Dirty Sprite 2, and Purple Reign which are all references to lean. Title your projects as you please, but when you are making music encouraging others to drink lean and pop pills and then admit to not engaging in those acts, there’s a problem. If you forward to the 24:00 mark in the video below you will get a glimpse on Future’s music and drug content.

Drug talk isn’t something new in rap, but I’m trying to drive home the message that this seems to be the only thing artist is talking about.

Yes, today’s music is cool to go out and party to with your friends but where’s the substance? You can dance to today’s music which is dope but you could also dance to some Mase and Craig Mack back in the day and still hear some substance in the same song, let’s try to intertwine good content, lyrics, along with a catchy hook. Jay-Z once said in his book Decoded, “You can enjoy a song that knocks in the club or has witty punch lines the first time you hear it. But great rap retains mystery. It leaves shit rattling around in your head that wont make sense until the fifth or sixth time through. It challenges you.”

This isn’t a blog to bash these new artist that created a career for themselves, because regardless of how I feel about their music as a person you should be happy about one’s success and the opportunity they are given to take care of themselves and their family. Also, this certainly isn’t a blog to change your perception on music today.

Will this new generation ever gravitate towards Lauryn Hill and learn about Lost Ones? Or what about Naughty By Nature Feel Me Flow? Na I doubt it, they rather Bad and Boujee. Hip-Hop is temporarily gone. Hip-Hop went from waves to purple dreds, jeans and jerseys to dresses, and hoop nose rings. Granted there are rappers today that are still relevant from the 90’s and early 2000’s still providing us with some solid work, and there are rappers from this new generation who are blessing us with classic material like J.Cole, Wale, Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper, and Dave East. Let’s not let rappers like Lil Yachty take shine from artist who are actually rapping with a purpose, passion, and meaning. Thank you, to the artist today who stayed true to the game and didn’t choose the route to become a mumble rapper. Let’s hear some BARS!


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  1. Interesting post, nice in-depth insight. Personally, I’m more of a fan of music with substance. I’m curious, which category would you personally put Big Sean in?


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