One of the greatest moments in hip hop had recently taken place, and I would’ve felt disrespectful towards the culture if I didn’t write a piece on this.

Two legendary producers, Swizz Beatz and Just Blaze went head to head in a Battle of the Beats. In case you are not familiar with what exactly A battle of the Beats consists of, the two producers went head to head playing their best and most notable songs of their career back and forth, track for track.

The younger generation might know Swizz Beatz as Alicia Keys husband, but he was Swizzy way before Alicia. Known for being the Ruff Ryders producer, Swizz produced records from the 90’s to today for artist like DMX, Jay-Z, Cassidy, The L.O.X, Beyoncé, and Miley Cyrus. The list of artist continues, in fact his Resume and music catalogue speaks for itself. Kanye West called Swizz Beatz “The greatest rap producer of all time” yes Kanye West credited someone other than himself.The infamous Just Blaze, the man responsible for a lot of Roc A Fellas hit records. Best known for producing a lot of records on Jay-Z’s albums the The Blueprint, The Blueprint 2, and The Black Album. Working with endless artist like Eminem, Usher, and Beyoncé Just Blaze has solidified his spot as one the greatest hip hop producers since the 90’s.

This battle was hosted by Hot 97, and had an abundance of special guest in attendance like Alicia Keys, Cassidy, Busta Rhymes, Hot 97’s own Dj Ebro and many more. Each Producer was set up in each corner ready to play and scratch their classics, and Just Blaze set off the friendly competition by playing “Roc the Mic” a classic Roc A Fella record and Swizz followed up with Nore’s “Banned from TV” record. There is so many classic records being played back to back that you start to reminisce back to the 90’s and 2000’s. These two legends showcased so many records that you tend to forget that they were the creators of these hit records. As a fan of Hip-Hop I want to personally thank Swizz Beatz and Just Blaze for doing this for the culture, and reminding fans how hit records used to sound like. Swizz and Jus might have just created a trend as Producers Timbaland and Pharrell have just agreed to go head to head in a Battle of the Beats.

If you enjoy the true essence of Hip-Hop, hearing Dj’s scratching records, mixing and blending songs then this video is for you.



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  1. This was a great read. I can feel how much you care about the topic just by your words. That intrigues me as a reader to keep reading. You make it easy to feel connected, and the video was icing on the cake. Keep up the good work, I am excited to follow this blog.


  2. By following this blog I definitely feel as though I can learn a lot about the hip hop/rap genre. The posts are good, quick reads that are easy to follow. I really like the consistent use of videos too.


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